Writing & Speaking

Organisational reviews, project evaluations and strategic plans all require succinctly expressed insights into key issues. Written reports make their point with clarity using vivid and memorable narratives.

Kate Organ produced a diagnostic report for a regularly funded organisation experiencing extreme financial and managerial difficulties which produced incisive insights on complicated issues in an accessible and direct way.

Arts Council England

Kate’s got to the heart of key issues with honesty, objectivity and genuine understanding of the issues of creative organisations. Her written report avoided jargon and made clear and useful recommendations that we could act on.
Ammo Talwar MBE, Punch

Examples of reports and presentations

After You Are Two, Exemplary Practice in Participatory Arts with Older People; published by Baring Foundation.

Speech to the Baring Foundation Arts Exchange Day 2009  http://www.baringfoundation.org.uk/ArtsExchangeKOSpeech.pdf

Chair of Plenary at Because We’re Worth It at ICA London; http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture-professionals-network/culture-professionals-blog/2012/apr/05/participatory-arts-worth

Introductory Essay in Are The Sockets the Same in Shanghai? Case Studies of International Arts in the West Midlands; (with Kevin Isaacs)

Metamorphoses: The Children Who Became Producers The story behind Little Earthquake’s production of The Boy Who Became A Beetle – a new live theatre show for children and families – and how it changed those who were involved.
Click here to download

Arts in a State of Change Case study of how Japan’s creative sectors reflect the changing lives and landscapes in rural and urban communities.
Click here to download


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